The College takes a sincere effort to inculcate its motto 'Fiat Lux' (Let there be light) into the minds of the students as a guiding principle. The College also seeks to create a good environment for mutual cooperation between the mission fields and the sending churches or bodies and between mission bodies. It also tries to develop maturity in the understanding of the Bible and Christian faith. Another important concern of the College is to impart a proper understanding of the concept and practice of mission to the students.

Missionary Training College


I promise to abide by the rules and regulations of Missionary Training College without any reservation, conforming to the needs of the institution as required by the traditions of the college, committing myself to accept the values that have been set by the institution and undergo a training to make me become a better asset of God's Kingdom, with a heart to live for others and for the well being of the institution, emptying myself from unworldly things and focus my mind on God's ministry alone. I declare that I accept all the traditions, rules and regulations of the college. I also understand and accept that my training course can be terminated by the college authority if they consider me unfit to continue the course due to different reasons, I promise to maintain a good conduct as student of Missionaty Training College and make maximum contributions to the well-being of the institution

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